Jamaican Gas Prices


Oil Prices continue upward march

Once again the price of a barrel of Oil moved in an upward direction closing at US$89.51. This trend continues to prove very worrisome and it seems that a US$100 price tag for a per barrel of Oil will soon be a reality. Jamaican motorists should today see the full effect of the ex-refinery price changes at the pump as many Jamaican service stations receive deliveries for the weekend.

Once again traffic-jams were the order of the day as rainy weather mixed with poor road conditions continue to prove a nuisance. Driving in standstill traffic is a sure of decreasing your gas mileage. Motorists seem to be wasting a lot fuel doing nothing and not realising how much it is costing them.

Kingston and St. Andrew's Mayor, Desmond McKenzie seems on the warpath with National Water Commission(NWC) over the utilitiy's activities on the corporate area roads. In the recent heavy rains, it is alleged that many motorists fell into ditches created when water washed out unfinished and unpaved areas where sewer pipe laying was occuring. The lack of signs and notification of road-works ahead has been a sore point for years and now that a public official is complaining about it, we hope there will be positive results. Motorists already have high fuel bills to deal with and really do not want or need the additional cost of fixing damaged vehicles caused by the actions or non-action of careless utility companies and their contractors.

posted: October 19, 2007
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