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Oil Prices continue upward march
posted: October 19, 2007
Once again the price of a barrel of Oil moved in an upward direction closing at US$89.51. This trend continues to prove very worrisome and it seems that a US$100 price tag for a per barrel of Oil will soon be a reality.

Gas Prices set to rise in Jamaica
posted: October 18, 2007
With Oil prices hovering in the US$88 per barrel region and the Turkish lawmakers giving their troops the go ahead to attack the Kurds in Northern Iraq, things do not look nice on the Oil Market. Here in Jamaica, Petrojam, the local refinery of crude products, announced increases ranging from $1.42-$1.50.

Another Day, Another Record.
posted: October 16, 2007
Another day and another time for Oil Prices to reach another record high. With tensions rising between the Kurds in North Iraq and their Turkish neighbours it seems speculators are seeing this as a sure sign that a US$100 barrel of oil is not far away

Oil Prices Sky-Rocket
posted: October 15, 2007

Oil Prices jumped to record prices today closing at US $86.54 per barrel. According to a report on Bloomberg.com, Crude oil for November delivery rose to as much as $86.54 a barrel in after-hours electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange

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