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Are the Jamaican Taxi Operators being fair?

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Some Taxi operators in Jamaica have been restless since the announcement of the $7 increase in special consumption tax (SCT) on gasoline.  The demands have come that taxi operates will need a fare increase. However is this request for fare increase fair? The table below shows the ex-refinery prices for May 13, 2106 vs. May 14. 2016.

Note that 87 and 90 Gasoline are both $11.57 less now than the same time 2015. Diesel and USLD are $13.92 and $14.71 lower respectively.  It is fair that there is the fear that if world oil prices go up then the situation could change and become less favourable.

Based on the table above there is no need for a taxi-fare increase. They should look at the benefits they were afforded by lower world oil prices before the SCT increase. Did the lower their fares as a result?

Commuters should have demanded lower fares

If you use the table below the passengers of the taxi operators in Jamaica should have been protesting for lower fares. Before the increase in SCT, the ex-refinery prices of gasoline 87 and 90 were 17% lower than in 2015.

The public can be the judge, but from what can be seen a fair judgment is that the need for taxi-fare increases at this time is alarmist and not fact-based.

What the taxi-operators should do is support sites like Jamaica Gas Prices and consistently highlight service stations selling quality gas and lower prices.

Jamaican Gas tax goes up by $7

Monday, May 16th, 2016

The Jamaican Government has increased the special consumption tax (SCT) on gasoline products by $7. This brings the SCT to $32.11, $32.88, $31.41 & $31.41 on 87, 90, diesel and Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel respectively. The breakdown of fuel prices are shown below:

Gasoline 87

E10 87 Ex Refinery Price: 59.9692
E10 87 SCT: 32.11
E10 87 Ad Valorem SCT: 9.2075
E10 87 Final Ex Refinery Price: 101.2828

Gasoline 90

E10 Ex Refinery Price: 61.10
E10 90 SCT: 32.4792
E10 90 Ad Valorem SCT: 9.3581
E10 90 Final Ex Refinery Price: 102.9387


Diesel Ex Refinery Price: 53.9494
Diesel SCT: 31.4145
Diesel Ad Valorem SCT: 8.5364
Diesel Final Ex Refinery Price: 93.9003

Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel

ULSD Ex-Ref: 61.4377
ULSD SCT: 31.4145
ULSD Ad Valorem SCT: 9.2852
ULSD Final Ex Refinery Price: 102.1374

It should be noted that while the SCT moved by $7 because of how the ex-refinery price is calculated the prices went up by $7.70 between May 12 & 13, 2016. The SCT is added to the initial ex-refinery price and then approximately 10% Ad Valorem SCT is added to arrive at the final price.  See e.g. below

$59.9692+$32.11 = $92.0792
10% (9.9995%) Ad Valorem = $9.2075
$92.0792 + $9.2075 = $101.2867 ( adjusted for rounding errors)
Total: $101.2828

Taxes on Gasoline

It should be noted that taxes on fuel now account for 41% of the ex-refinery price.

Once again it is important that Jamaicans motorists note which gas stations are selling gasoline at the best prices and take advantage of the available savings.

Petroleum Company of Jamaica sold for J$2.3 Billion

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Petroleum Company of Jamaica (Petcom) has been sold for US$19 million (J$2.3 billion)  to Phoenix Fuels and Accessories

Phoenix signed an agreement with the Development Bank of Jamaica on April 29, 2016 following nearly six months of negotiations.

In November 2015, Phoenix was identified as the preferred bidder, beating out rival bids from Rubis Caribbean Holdings and Sol Investments Ltd. One other bidder, EDJ acquisitions, was late and was disqualified.

Petcom operates  24 branded service stations and 14 liquid petroleum gas-filling plants across Jamaica. Their service stations tend to be at provide gas products as lower prices that other brands.