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East Street/North Street accident caught on tape

Monday, April 13th, 2015

The Jamaica Gleaner captured an accident on night of April 10, 2015 at the intersection of North Street and East Street in Kingston Jamaica.  I hope the persons who were involved did not die and are recovering.

The captured video highlights the beauty of technology but we need to be careful we spend too much time be awe and forget that persons were injured.

That said, the video clearly shows a few things that we should note.

  1. Stop at the red light
  2. Only proceed on green when it is clear
  3. Do not attempt to speed up on the yellow light to beat it (note to self)
  4. Even when you have the green you still have to be careful
The video can be seem below

Kingston crash caught on camera

The timeline
  • at 6 secs - both vehicles are not in the frame
  • at 7 secs - The darker vehicle appears
  • at 8 secs - The darker coloured vehicle heading down East Street clearly fails to stop on the red light
  • at 9 secs - Having broken the light the vehicle is now collides with the white vehicle on North Street by all indications attempting to beat the red
The demonstrates the challenge to eye-witnesses have. In less than a second the light has changed from red to green. At the moment of impact the light going down East Street is red but the driver of the darker vehicle is still wrong have broken the red light of milliseconds before.
However, while in the driver of the white vehicle could claim the right it could be argued that he/she was careless and reckless with an apparent attempt to break the red, i.e.  he/she did slow down on the yellow/amber.
The other thing we do not know is if there was a timing issue with like light. Was the light on North Street still showing green when the light on East Street had the green?