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Jamaica eases used car import restrictions.

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Jamaican consumers have once again been given a break in the importation of older use cars. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, the age limit of two categories of imported motor vehicles has been increased by one year. The categories are motors cards, up from four years to five years and light commercial vehicles up from five years to six years.

The Use Car Dealer Association in Jamaica seem have for the move and so will consumers as this should result in the reduction in prices but there is no real guarantee. The used car industry has taken an battering  primarily because of the downturn of the global economy in my view, but also the fallout  from the failed ponzi schemes, dent in illegal drug exports and the reduction of the age limit.

No transport plan

The age old issue of a proper transportation system in Jamaica continues to be a problem. However that really cannot be properly addressed until the is properly town and country planning. Much of Jamaica continues to be unplanned development with communities springing up all over the place with no thought on how persons will be transport to and from work.

This continues to fuel the route taxi phenomenon where cars instead of larger buses or even trains have become key part of transporting the citizen of Jamaica.

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