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Jamaica Gas Prices was set up with the idea that persons would share and save. Today that vision remains the same. By taking a few moments to note the prices you pay at the pump and posting that prices you would have shared and helped someone to save.

If everyone shares, we will easily know the best prices and where to get them. If are see prices as you drive along noted them or better yet have someone driving with you note the prices and at a safe time post these at or on your smartphones such as the Blackberry, Nokia, IPhone, HTC and others. You can follow us on twitter at

Once again we invite people to share. We are committed to bring some new features despite our failures in the past.

We need your participation, share and save in 2010. We will all need each other’s support.

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2 Responses to “Share and Save”

  1. Jerry Says:

    This is indeed a brilliant idea as its a pain when you stop to get gas somewhere and then of course murphy’s law…the next gas station you come to has it cheaper. However the other issue I think is sometimes its just not worth the effort to drive across town…to wait in a line for 30mins (heroes circle total) to save a few dollars.

    I guess at that point its a judgment call…Funny thing though the other day I went to country and of course most gas station price display are built to to accept only 00.00 four digits LOL gas over $100 really kick started the creativity.

  2. Roland Says:

    Jerry, I see your point. I think the key thing is share. You might not benefit but a family member or friend might.

    What I have done is to plan my purchases and in that way I am able to pick up cheaper(not necessarily the cheapest) as a I journey around Kingston and when I was out of town regularly a few years back.

    On the week-ends, the heroes station stations are usually empty though and I have made a few purchases then

    It is really going to be interesting when it hit $100 mark regularly. I suspect you are going to see 105.1 instead of 105.10.

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