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Gas Prices Trending down.

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Over the last few weeks gas prices, gas prices have been trending down. Since the Government’s increase of the GAS TAX, the price annouced by  PetroJam has tend to trend in the upward direction. To be honest some of this movement was directly related to increase in price of OIL on the world market that now hovers in the  high $60s to low $70s per barrel.

Price difference remain high

One trend that has not changed is the difference in prices  depending on which station you visit. You can see a quick comparison by click here. For e.g. the price differential for E10 was almost $6 per litre.  The price difference for other products is even higher.

New Price Leader

Over the last week, the arrival of Micheal Service Station at Heroes Circle has introduced a new price leader. Micheal’s took over from the Texaco operation. For years we wonder why that station hardly showed prices, they were expensive, and why they did not organise and compete against Total. While the competition is finally here. The lines are organised now with entrance and exit marked off with chains in place to control the traffic.  The result is from a situation of empty pumps and poor service, to long lines and much bettter service. The hope is that they will keep it up.