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More Jamaican Stations carrying E10

Friday, November 28th, 2008

It appears that more service stations are carrying E10 in Jamaica. Joining the list of stations are Texaco and Shell Stations in Cross Roads and Liguanea respectively. (Click here to see our current list with prices)

This will be good news to the ears of the Jamaican Minister of Energy, Clive Mullings,  who last week was concerned that some marketing companies where not pushing forward with carrying E10.

Do you know of other stations carrying E10? Remember to submit this and the other prices at our submission page


Esso Stations now being re-branded Total

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

In March 2008, it was confirmed that the French Company, Total had accqired Esso Jamaica. It now appears that all the Esso stations will be re-branded Total. One the first stations to be re-branded Total was the one beside the Half-way-tree Bus center, opposite Jamaica National(JNBS). 

Interestedly that station now displays prices regularly a thing that was not occurring before. One important thing to note is that all of these Total Gas Stations the prices while different, are display. This should be applauded.

We have seen work being done at Matilda’s Corner. Have you seen any other locations re-branded? Let us know.


Why are the prices not displayed?

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

This is a perennial issue in the Jamaica, the lack of the display of Petrol prices at Service Stations. This is not the only common courtesy that service stations are guilty of not providing, but first the issue of price display. In this era where the consumer needs to be protected from all sorts of marketing pressures the consumer should at least be properly informed before driving to the pump.

There is a two stations in the Heroes Circle area, one displays its prices and the other does not most of the time. For whatever reason one station is able to provide arguable one the lowest prices in the corporate area, if not the country, and the other has little or no traffic. Strangely the stations that display their prices tend to appear to have lower prices. At least that is the case in the Heroes Circle Case.

Congratulations Total, and as more and more of the Esso stations are re-branded Total, we are seeing the price displays returning. I am wonder,  is Texaco pulling out of the Jamaican market?

Air Pumps

The other issue is the lack of Air Pumps at the service stations. Now the service stations only share part of the blame for this as much of it lies with the vandals who either steal or damage the air hoses. However, I believe the stations can monitor the situation by at least providing the air hoses during the day and removing them at nights as part of the opening and closing routines. This is a much needed service as it allows motorists to keep their tyres properly inflated and thereby reduce consumption.   I wonder, the last part of the previous sentence is the problem?

Properly inflated tyres are also important for vehicles safety as over inflated or under inflated tyres both pose dangers

Discuss this here or in the forum at the following link.

E10 doing well so far.

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

November 1, 2008 was the date when E10 became offical available to Jamaicans. So far, based on feedback sales appear to be going well at stations that are carrying the products. It appears the Jamaican motorists has embraced the product but not so some marketing companies.

So far based on information we have only the some locally based marketing companies seem to be carrying E10. Petcom and Unipet seem to be leading the way. A Jamaica Information Service article quotes the Energy Minister Clive Mullings as saying,

“If anything, the other marketing companies should have got on board much more quickly, because it is creating pressure on Petcom, Multipet and Unipet because their loads are finishing quite quickly and they have to be getting other truckloads because of the pressure on their system”.

I have not used E10 yet, but based on queries by old 1991 Nissan Sentra should be able to use E10 with no problems. I see the long lines at Petcom and Unipet on Slipe Road creating serious traffic congestion.

The article also stated that about 11 stations are now supplying E10, 8 Petcom stations, 4 Unipet stations and 1 Multipet STation.

Remember to submit your E10 prices, along with other Gasoline prices and tell us about your experience getting E10.

Source:   JIS Article on E10 doing well