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Gasoline Racket Cracked

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The Star in Jamaica is reporting the interruption of racket by persons trying to find ways of beating the high gas prices. This is certainly not the way to go. According to the star, the incident occured in the parish of St. Catherine.

It involves the siphoning of gas at night from the parked vehicles owned by Bouygues Contruction Company. According to the report the company has been losing millions of dollars to theives. A sting operation was set up and one man was caught and a Nissan Pickup seized as well as twenty-four five gallon containers.

Simply put be careful where you buy the precious commodity. While you might want lower prices you don’t want to be hauled to court for aiding and abeit crimnal activities or receiving stolen Gasoline.


Gas Prices Drop in Jamaica

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Motorists in Jamaica will be happy with the news that the price of the precious commodity has fallen. The ex-refinery price of 87  and 90 Octane dropped by JM $2.75 per litre and $0.25 for diesel.

On a day when,  the price of Oil fluctuated between US $105-$108 per barrel of Oil the reduction in gas prices was certainly welcomed news.

Despite this drop, motorists should continue to seek the best prices and make every effort to conserve.

We now watch to see what the service stations will do and if we will see this reduction at the pumps.

Oil Prices hurt Jamaica in every way

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This week has seen Oil take a wild ride. Last week Oil fell below the US$100 dollar mark but this week Oil has traded as high as $130 per barrel before moving back down to around $106-107 in trading on Tuesday September 23, 2008.  In Jamaica we hope the price will keep trending down not up.

I have been noticing an increase in lines at certain gas stations in Kingston, a sure sign that motorists are picking the best places to buy gas.

Hot spots to get gas at the lowest prices in Kingston  include

  • Petcom on Slipe Road
  • Unipet on Slipe Road
  • Total on Heroes Circle

If you know the prices please do not hesitate to submit.

Energy Crisis

In Jamaica, the price of Oil is not only hurting motorists. It is hurting all those, including myself, who have to depend on the Jamaica Public Service Company to provide energy.

The stories are frightening as bills have skyrocketed by as much as 50-60% over the last three months.  JPSco promises some relief in the September 2008 bills and we now await with hope.

In the meanwhile we must continue our efforts at conservations including planning our trips and avoiding uneccessary trips

Oil Prices below US$100

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

The price of Oil has spent most of this week so far below the US$100 per barrel mark. In fact It went as below $92 on Tuesday. The sharp increase today could be the result of reactions to the bombing of the US Embassy in Yemen apparently Al Queda.

It is interesting to note the price of OIL recently was not negatively affected by hurricane Ike that devastated sections of Texas and knocked out a few oil platforms. Thee attacks by rebels on Oil pipelines in Nigeria or OPEC decision to cut production did not seem to faze the market. There are some reports that there has been slight decline in demand for OIL and this is possible part of what is keeping the price in check.

Another factor that could be affecting the price of OIL is the problems in the financial markets in the USA and the effect that will have on consumers.

In Jamaica, the price per litre  of Gasoline 87 and 90 went up by fifty cents (JM $0.50) while the price of Diesel decreased by 89 cents(-JM $0.89).

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